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ORIENT GROUP specializes in Abrasives offers a wide range of products both in Coated and Bonded Abrasives. The Company is certified as ISO 9001: 2000 with an in-house R& D facility. Around 40 different product groups are manufactured in four production facilities. 

Orient Group offers a full line of Coated Abrasives, often referred to as "sandpaper" and Bonded abrasives which can range from grinding wheels to polishing stones. The terms Coated and Bonded indicate how the abrasive is actually affixed to each product. Coated abrasives have a layer, or layers of abrasive Coated on the belt, disc or sheet whereas Bonded abrasives have the abrasive grains bonded together in a resin or binding agent to form a wheel or stone.

Not only are Coated and Bonded abrasives categorized by their configuration (belts, discs, sheets, wheels, stones) but also by the abrasives each contain. These products may utilize a common aluminum oxide or exotic abrasive such as industrial diamonds. Other abrasives used include silicon carbide, alumina zirconia, ceramics, as well as garnet.

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